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For society, we apply technology intensively in order to optimize the use of minerals, generating economic and social development.

To the world we bring the consciousness of a visionary company, committed to technological innovation and respect for the environment.

Marketing Services

Through the Provision of Laboratory Analysis Services it is possible to know the technical characteristics of materials (physical, chemical, mineralogical and thermal), in order to define their applicability to the industrial market.


Mineral Marketing

Safira Soluções Minerais offers mining partners the technical and market knowledge to enable the application of minerals in the industry segment in which the material can be better used by considering the following factors: technical characteristics (physical, chemical, mineralogical and thermal), mineral reserve, logistics for the supply and operating conditions in the extraction of the mineral.

With the intense prospecting of new mining partners and by the presence in various industry segments, Safira Soluções Minerais stands out as a convergent medium between those who need to buy minerals and those who need to sell minerals, which analyzed and applied under strict standards become solutions for the market.


Clay is a natural material composed of extremely
one or more clayminerals, organic matter and other minerals.


Kaolin is formed by a group of hydrated aluminum silicates,
mainly kaolinite and haloisite.


Feldspar is the name applied to aluminum silicates that
contain alkaline or alkaline-earthy elements in the composition.


Granite is a rock formed by a set of minerals, essentially quartz, feldspar and mica.

Technology Consulting

Safira Soluções Minerais, through its physical structure and qualified workforce for research, development and innovation, provides technology consulting services with innovative and efficient solutions.

By adjusting ceramic mass compositions and developing industrial minerals it promotes high performance and excellence in quality.

In technology consulting, we work assiduously on productivity/quality improvement projects and on corrective actions to solve product and process problems.

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