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Who we are

Safira Soluções Minerais is a laboratory that offers the services of analysis, quality control and RDI (research, development and innovation) of minerals and ceramic masses compositions. We also sell raw materials through commercial representation.
Therefore, we provide technical and commercial services to suppliers and consumers of industrial minerals.

Our objective is to provide the best mineral products solutions and high-tech laboratory services that meet the needs of our customers and partners with quality, innovation and security of supply.


Identify mineral products market needs, research and develop solutions, providing high quality alternatives, technical constancy and sustainability to our customers and partners.


To be a sustainable reference in the national and international market as an Innovative Company in Mineral Solutions and Analysis Services


Focus on Results.
Mutual Respect.
Social and environmental responsibility.
Quality of life.
Contribute to the personal fulfillment and professional growth of employees.
Satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees.
Proud to be Safira Soluções Minerais


Present mineral solutions with innovation, quality and knowledge, overcoming market challenges, committed to the customer.

Our business

Be the best choice for our customers and partners, establishing long-lasting relationships and mutual trust, providing satisfaction through the services provided.
Generate profitability, maximize the company’s value and distribute profits to shareholders and employees.

Invest in ongoing staff training and development to provide mineral solutions and innovative analysis services.


Learn about our trajectory

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    We participated in the 8th Ceramic Tile Industry Congress, where our RDI coordinator spoke about the Importance of IP Diagram Analysis for obtaining large formats.

  •  - 

    We moved to a new headquarters with almost 700m2 of built area, providing efficiency in operational processes. We also acquired in 2018 another Fluorescence X-ray equipment and new equipments for the laboratory, increasing production capacity and agility in the delivery of results.

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    We reached 700,000 t of controlled raw materials per year.

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